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addRow height

Mar 11, 2011 at 12:26 PM

hi all,

How to set row height?

it is taking default height that seems lit bit more, i need lit bit less height.

any help

Dec 4, 2011 at 8:04 PM

Same issue here. 

Table with one row in header is to high. I use the boarderBottom to get a nice horizontal line. 
The line is about 6 pixels below the image in the left cell of two cells.

$header2 = $section2->createHeader();
$cellStyle2_1 = array('valign'=>'left', 'borderBottomSize'=>'10', 'borderBottomColor'=>'000000');
$cellStyle2_2 = array('valign'=>'right', 'borderBottomSize'=>'10', 'borderBottomColor'=>'000000');
$tableStyle2 = array('cellMarginTop'=>0, 'cellMarginLeft'=>0, 'cellMarginRight'=>0, 'cellMarginBottom'=>0);
$table2_1 = $header2->addTable($tableStyle2); 
$table2_1 ->addRow();
$cell2_1 = $table2_1->addCell(200 * 20, $cellStyle2_1); $cell2_1->addImage('logo.jpg', array('width'=>189/*px*/, 'height'=>30/*px*/, 'align'=>'left'));
$cell2_2 = $table2_1->addCell(409 * 20, $cellStyle2_2); $cell2_2->addText('woof blubb blubb', array('italic'=>false), array('align'=>'right'));

Help appreciated.