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nested objects

Mar 19, 2012 at 3:04 PM


im kinda new to this library but i was reading the examples but couldn't find a way to do way i would like.

if have this xml string

<paragraph>this is some text <em>this is some emboss text</em> here the text continues<img src="whereMyImageIsStored"> still some more text</paragraph>

if i would like to make a Docx Document out of this. 


thirst thought would be to do something like

$textPointer = $section->addText{maybeNode}("this is some text");

$textPointer->addObjectBehind($section->addText("this is some emboss text", $emboseStyle);

$textPointer->addTextBehind("here the text continues");


$textPointer->addTextBehind("still som more text");

Can anyone please help me out?