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Error opening file

Jun 17, 2010 at 12:57 PM

I start a new thread so that you wont miss my questions :)
I have some problems with the outcome of PHPWord. When I specify a filename to save as, I get nothing. No error messages in the logs and no file saved in the web directory.

When I specify php://output as filename I get the popup to save a file with the same name as my script and with a zip extension. The file wont open with zip. If I rename the file to docx I get the same error as posted in another thread.

If I specify php://output as filename using NON-IE browser (Safari on my Mac) I don't not get any popup to save, instead I get the raw code-output from the generated file in the window.

I use the example advancedtable.php

Also, I have PHP 5.1.6 (and I'm in a position where I can't upgrade PHP due to other dependencies)