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Table fixed

Sep 16, 2011 at 5:05 PM

Hi ,

Is there anyway to set the table rows and column to fixed?

Since the template doesnt support changing images on it, i build a docx word with phpword, the problem is when im putting the text from an textarea the string goes over the limit of the cell making the cell expand, and i want

the cell to be fixed and the text change line like a carriage return.

I opened the word document and edited the table made by phpword and theres an option in table properties that says "Automatically resize to fit contents" and is checked ,if un check that option MY PROBLEM IS SOLVED :)

Is there a way to make that option unchecked? i know that php word doesnt support that at the time but i think that´s an important feature, does anyone know how to force this value ?


Thanks in advance