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Loading a docx template into TextArea(HTML element)

Apr 18, 2012 at 3:51 AM

I am using XAMPP, and all of my web files are stored inside htdocs folder called Company_System. inside, there are all of my images folder, css folder, php files and i have put the PHPWord folder inside there too (Company_System/PHPWord). Then there is a PHPWord, Examples, and PHPWord.php in there. I created another folder called Files and store a docx and php file to be used as template(I copied from the examples folder).

I have a invoice.php in the root folder that i want to include by calling the template. In the invoice.php, I have a text area element so that the staff can edit the template on the fly to generate the invoice.

Then I want to make it to be able to save to other desired names with new file created without overwriting the template.php.

Which file do i need to modify?

What lines of codes i need to add/remove?

Do I need database access for file saving?

Please help. Thank you.