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PHPWord/Writer/Word2007.php on line 70 in a Hosted WebPage

Oct 18, 2013 at 3:40 PM
Hello All,

I have already readed the post related with this problem:

But I still haven't resolved my problem.

I'm new to php, I understand that I need to enable the php_zip.ddl extension but __ I dont have access to the php.ini file, I mean, I cant open it with a texteditor.__

I also readed this page about enabling php_zip:


PHP Version 5.4.20
Configuration File (php.ini) Path /usr/local/lib
Loaded Configuration File /usr/local/lib/php.ini


ZLib Support enabled
Stream Wrapper compress.zlib://
Stream Filter zlib.inflate, zlib.deflate
Compiled Version 1.2.3
Linked Version 1.2.3

Directive Local Value Master Value
zlib.output_compression Off Off
zlib.output_compression_level -1 -1
zlib.output_handler no value no value

How can I enable the php_zip?

Thank you very much and sorry if the question is stupid